Who can use Indexa Survey?

Here's who we can think of, but surely creative people will surprise us.

Product Manager

Finding the best ideas to create a product based on public information on survey.

Internet Marketer

Finding useful suggestion and feedback then analyze it for your strategy.


A great starting point for your research. Focusing on data gathering.

Rich Format

We support many answering format all is for your needs! About 20+ form type will help you easier to get the right data for your target based survey. All form is customizable.

Advance Answering Format and Skip Logic

We provide matrix system answer that will help you to gather matrix based data answer. For logic we have supporting on skip logic system that will make your survey is more sharp in finding answer.

Ready for reporting

Reporting system in your hand, no need to create chart because we provide chart generation and nice excel export system that support 10000+ rows of data

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